Do Not Click “Change Password” on the Facebook Recovery Emails

Unless you just requested a password reset email to be sent from Facebook, never click on these emails to change your password.

The emails says Hi, then your name. We received a request to reset your Facebook password. Enter the following password reset code, with an eight digit number normally. Then it says, Alternatively, you can directly change your password. There is a blue button beneath that.

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The email appeares to come from

Unfortunately this IS the legitimate email address from Facebook Official, BUT, it’s possible to spoof/fake these addresses.

You could have gotten this email because someone requested it for you and is trying to hack your account, or it might be a completely fake email which if you click the link will steal your information and provide access to your account. Be careful and don’t click anything you didn’t expect to receive!

Always Use Secure Passwords, and here is an easy way:

I did another video and article on Making Secure Passwords Easy using a free program called KeePass.
Check those out to protect yourself online!

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