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Microsoft Xbox One Is Always Watching and Listening to You

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The Xbox One will always be listening to you, in your own home

Note: The Microphone is always on because you can use a voice command to turn on the Xbox.

Xbox Achievements For Watching Advertising

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Attention Parents

The Xbox One: Privacy vs Your Child’s Hobby

Just the Facts: Xbox One

  • Microsoft will be releasing a new console in the coming months.
  • Every console will include a Kinect 2 webcam.
  • The webcam MUST be connected for the Xbox to function.
  • The microphone is ALWAYS ON, even when the Xbox is powered down.

It can analyse faces, emotional expressions and even heart beats.

1 in 2 webcams can be hacked.

Microsoft has filed a patent to use the camera and it’s features to spy on anyone around to target better ads and even help the government on request.

Other plans include restricting access to paid content if the camera detects extra viewers who did not pay.

This is an unprecedented level of corporate data-mining and control. Your TV would watch you more intensely than you watch your TV. Through an always-on microphone, and a camera so sensitive that it can discern your emotional state in total darkness, your life and anyone around the product is being collected and categorized, for the explicitly stated purpose of more advertising directed specifically to you.